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I recently received an email from a colleague asking for a copy of a recent paper. In return, they sent me a plot of inertial current circles from 1965 along with this intriguing image.


"In my long life, I’ve never been able to see what’s down there. Now, at last, all of us can," marveled Aquarium founder Lucile Packard in the first edition of our member magazine. We’ve been sharing ocean inspiration ever since!

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Shrimp is the #1 seafood in the USA. It is tasty, usually quite inexpensive, and is easily cooked and eaten. Unfortunately, such a craze for shrimp has created an environmental nightmare.


Americans currently consume over one billion pounds of shrimp every year, and about 90% of that is…


Squid egg sac

A squid egg sac — which may contain as many as 200 embryos — takes on the shape of a rhomboid.

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Pyrosome - colonial salp

What you see in the photo is not a single organism, but a colony of tunicates of the genus Pyrosoma.

Colonies of pyrosomes may reach a length of 60 cm and forms a distinctive rigid tube that may be colorless, pink, grayish or blue-green. One end is closed and tapered, with the opposing open end having a diaphragm.  The tube has a rough texture due to papillae on the individuals making up the colony. 

Unlike salps that use pulsing of the body wall to pump water, pyrosomes depend on cilia to move water through the body.

Pyrosomes are brightly bioluminescent. In fact, the genus name Pyrosoma is derived from the Greek, pyros (fire) and soma (body), referring to the bright bioluminescence characteristic of this group.   

[Animalia - Chordata - Tunicata - Thaliacea - Pyrosomida - Pyrosomatidae - Pyrosoma

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Nick Hobgood | Locality: Atauro Island Dili, East Timor

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One of our squid in the Nyholm Lab.

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Set your stress free … Step into liquid by jayalvarrez

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